Amazing Stock Photos from Creative Photographers.


How does Dreamstock Work?

 Dreamstock caters to everyone who needs premum, royalty free stock photos. You can choose to buy images via two methods. You can either purchase images individually using our credit based system or join a subscription plan that lets you download images on a regular basis. We offer a Freedom plan that allows you to download unlimited images per day. There are no hidden fees, or extra costs after you become a subscriber.

Do you buy photos, vectors, illustrations, and/or footage?

Yes! You can sell your photos in our collection and earn great rates! To upload photos, visit our Dreamstock Photographers area at


If I am a photographer selling images on DreamStock, can I subscribe to a Freedom subscription plan?

Yes, however you may not download images uploaded by yourself, your friends, family members or associates. Anyone found breaching this policy will have their account frozen and terminated with any funds earned reversed. You may or may not receive a warning before this occurs.

What are the limits on downloads?

Download limits are determined by subscription and licensing plans. If you join our Freedom plan, you are entitled to download unlimited stock photos per day. Downloads must be made by a human user, if we find accounts using automated downloaders/bots, your account will be closed without a refund. Photographers will also have their earnings reversed.


Can I share my username/password with friends/colleagues?

Under no circumstances are you allowed to share your account details with anyone else.  This is in accordance with our terms and conditions. If our system detects multiple computers/IP addresses accessing the site simultaneously, your account will be suspended, you will need to open a support ticket if this occurs.


Can I have more than one subscription plan active at the same time?

Yes, that’s fine.  You can subscribe to any, or all of our subscription plans.


After my membership expires, can I continue to use the photos I downloaded?

Yes, providing you use the images within six months of your subscription expiring, from this point on, you can use the images indefinitely.  Under the terms of license, you may not stockpile images for later use.

What is your refund policy?

We do not provide refunds, as each image and related information is available prior to purchase.


Can I download an image more than once?

You can download the same image within 60 days. After this period, you will need to re-purchase that image if you are on a credit based system.

What does ‘royalty-free’ mean?

 ‘Royalty-free’ is a stock photo license that allows unlimited use of an image in media that is defined in the Licensing terms.  This is the opposite of ‘rights-managed’, which needs specific licensing for a specific use of the work.  All images on Dreamstock are ‘royalty-free’, and are bound by one or both of the two types of licensing agreements.


What is an editorial image?

 Images that have not been released for commercial use are called commercial images.  Dreamstock, makes no warranties or representations whatsoever in relation to trademarks, uniforms, logos, works of art, or names registered, copyrighted designs shown in any image.  Any rights, permissions, or consents that are required for your use of the image must be secured by you, as it is your responsibility. 

Dreamstock, does not provide any researching, or obtaining services for additional release.


How can I contact customer support?

At the bottom of any page within Dreamstock, you will find out Contact Us link.  Use our online contact form to send us an inquiry.

If I modify an image, can I claim copyright to that image?

Dreamstock own all copyright over an image whether or not it is modified or not.


Can I use images that I download in work-for-hire?

You may use any Dreamstock photo for customer/client projects.  Please impart to your client that they do not own, or have the right to sell the individual images.

Where can I use Dreamstock images?

Our Licensing Terms allow you to use the photos in or on

  • Web sites
  • Business cards
  • On business letterheads
  • Brochures
  • Displays for trade shows
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Packaging/labels
  • Broadcast video
  • Decoration for restaurants
  • Billboards/banners
  • Public areas
  • Decoration in stores
  • Office decoration

For more details, please see our Image license page.


Do your images have model releases?

Yes.  All images that have made use of a model, has a signed release on file at our Dreamstock office.  Some Editorial photos however, may not have a model released.

Can I create an online gallery of your photos?

No, we maintain our online gallery.


Can I sell the images that I download?

This is prohibited. None of the images downloaded from Dreamstock can be offered for resale or distribution.